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Sushi Vinegar

Sushi Vinegar

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Discover a new dimension of flavor with our Sushi Vinegar, crafted to revolutionize your sushi experience. Infusing traditional techniques with a unique twist, our vinegar brings together top-grade akasu vinegar, sea salt, beet sugar, and konbu, creating a harmonious blend of sweet, tangy, earthy, umami, and a touch of saltiness to enhance your sushi base.

Each batch is meticulously brewed for over 24 hours, ensuring a flawless balance that results in a captivating sheen and ideal stickiness, elevating your rice to a whole new level. Prepare to be tempted for just one more piece with this delectable secret ingredient. Try our Sushi Vinegar now to bring a burst of irresistible flavor to your sushi creations.

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